You are a spherical soul who is travelling through an endless and really curvy tunnel covered with obstacles. You can have a partner who is helping you through the tunnel by playing a guitar. (Yes, actually it is true). They can destroy different obstacles with diffferent strings. This sound recognition works best with an actual guitar. Your common goal is to reach as far as you can. Mix this up a little with the difficulty variables. Good Luck.

Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored) :A multiplayer game that requires communication between players, without relying on text or voice.

Another way in:Allow players to choose which input method they want to use, e.g. choice between mouse or keyboard, choice between tilt, virtual stick or tap, choice between controller or voice.

Virtuoso:A physical musical instrument is used as an input device.

To me, to you:The game must have a single playable character that is controlled by two players.