Summoners Roulette

You must mix magical items to summon your personal fearsome :) creature! Its power depends on your choices and sucess in minigames. Finally, use your skills to defeat other players online or fight agains AI creatures in 1v1 turn based battle. (hotseat is possible: start the game 2 times on the same computer, and switch between the windows (internet require)) What will you see? Turn based minigames! A deep, but simple fight system! Lot of possibilities! (stats and appearance) Funny arts! :D Randomly generated creatures! PvP 1v1 arena battles (Online vs a random other player) !



Szabolcs Józsa (main design, arts , sounds)

Nia Váradi (arts)

Zoltán Nyakacska (programming)

Miklós Tornyosi (programming, and a little bit of everything)


Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip all

2. Start the exe

3. Have fun