In this isometric adventure game you control Stoney, the Golem, who is lost in the dangerous field of Eternal Fog. But fear no more, the Hive Mind is here to help you! You start off near a beacon, and need to move from beacon to beacon to reach your goal, and find your way to the Final Portal. Give movement orders to Stoney by right clicking somewhere with the mouse. Issueing orders in the fog will cause Stoney to queue the orders up to a certain limit. When you press "Begin", he will begin moving towards the first order, and then to the rest in order. You can only give orders near a beacon, and as such, you can only press "Begin" if your queue ends with an order under a beacon’s influence. Besides regular movement, Sprinting will have you move faster, Sneaking will hide you from the enemies sights, and being Cautious will help you to avoid traps. These all cost more order points, but are essential for success. You only have a limited number of lives and time to finish the quest. Good luck! Barabás Péter, Papp Borbála, Révész Péter, Szücs Pálma, Varnyú Dóra