Scepter of Phanes

A game of puzzle-solving, task optimization and a race against time. Plot: In a grim future where Earth has suffered a massive ecological cataclysm and Mars is reduced to a nuclear wasteland in the ensuing wars, the Scepter of Phanes* - a colonization ship - represents humanity’s last hope. With 10,000 people aboard in stasis, it is headed for Gliese 1061 - a star with potentially habitable planets. Unfortunately, the ship’s navigational equipment malfunctioned and plotted a course through the beams of a pulsar. These electromagnetic bursts have fried most of the ship’s systems and shut down its reactor. Only the cryopods, the ship’s AI and some repair bots were left operational. It is up to the ship’s AI - A.K.A. the player - to guide the droids through the decks to restart the reactor. However, these bots are on emergency batteries only, thus each activated bot has 20 seconds to complete its task designated by the AI before it shuts down for good. Can you save the Scepter before all your droids expire? *Phanes: a deity of procreation and the generation of new life in Greek mythology The droids: Strong droid (red): Haul-o-matic X30000 has been outfitted with reinforced arms and advanced hydraulics to be able to lift and transport heavy objects. Repair droid (green): Fixotron MK III was made to perform tasks requiring precision work such as repairs. Fast droid (blue): The need to deliver small packages fast is an absolute necessity in an advanced society. Package Delivery Units were specifically created for this purpose, PDU 55-XK is the latest model.



Krisztina Gaál - Graphics

Tamás Gregus - Programming

Dániel Osgyáni - QA, Level Design

Gábor Zelei - Narrative Design, Level Design

Dávid Töltésy - Project Management, Level Design, UX

Róbert Retter - Programming, Level Design

Mimi - Chief Security Officer