Pub Stories

Pub Stories is a 3d platformer. The game is about making friends in a pub. You play as Janusz - a typical grumpy guy with a large beer belly. If you buy other people beer and drink with them, they will like you. Beware, drinking too much beer has nasty consequences. If you get sick in front of others, they will get angry! The party ends at 4 am. If you end up with more friends than enemies in the morning, you win.




1. Press space at the bar to buy beer.

2. Approach people and press space to drink together.

3. Be quick! The party ends at 4 a.m.

4. Unpleasant things can happen if you drink too much.

5. Have fun making friends!


Slav Squad

- Jakub Szczepaniak - PROGRAMMING

- Tamas Notari - LEVEL DESIGN

- Klaudia Styrcz - 2D ART

- Marek Polasik - 3D ART