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To our hungarian followers only:

Kreatív táborunkba várjuk azokat a 10-14 éves gyerekeket, akik játékos képzések során szeretnék elsajátítani a programozás alapjait, megismerkedni a streamelés rejtelmeivel és youtube technikákkal, kincsvadászatok során nyereményekkel gazdagodni, valamint végtelen játékra és szórakozásra vágynak kedvenc videósaikkal!

További részletek és jelentkezés a Kreatív Gamer Tábor oldalán, itt!

Polish-Hungarian Game Jam Winner!

The 2nd polish-hungarian game jam winner game is the Battle Field FriendS!

They won 2 tickets and accomodation for the Casual Connect Kiev, thanks to Indieprize for this collaboration!

You can download the game at !

We are uploading all of the game jam games to our site, you will be able to check them in a few days!

Polish-Hungarian Game Jam vol. 2

The 2nd polish-hungarian game jam is here!

You can register HERE!

Sponsored by Microsoft & Polish Institute

Waving goodbye to #GGJ17

A huge thanks to every person who came along to #GGJ17 and jammed. This wonderful event simply wouldn't exist without all of you talented, hard-working, enthusiastic and skilful people spending a huge chunk of your free time making video games. You are all amazing, and we appreciate every last one of you, and hope to see you again at #GGJ18, running from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 January 2018!

And of course, an enormous thanks to Budapest Catering for the delicious sandwiches for these 3 days, it was a great support!

Tobii Eye Tracking Controller!

Are you ready to develop some cool games with the Tobii Eye Tracking Controller? ;)

Further details here:

You can try it next week at Global Game Jam!

Join us here:

#NemesysGames #GGJ17 #Tobii

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